Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Get Out of Bed
Some days
it is just unbelievably
goddamn hard
to convince yourself to get
out of bed
(especially when unemployed).

But I am an
obsessive workaholic
(when I have a job)
or that's 
what I tell myself,

So I get up,
and go out to Manhattan
and shove my resume
at some places
that I actually think
I might like.

Daily Outfit 090711
Later in the evening
I can put on those
new jeans I shouldn't
have bought
and go out
& have some free fun.

Chad Harbach
Today, the free fun 
is a reading
at Book Court,
easy for me to get to
on the 4 train.

The book
(The art of Fielding,
by Chad Harbach)
 seems good
but I don't really buy books
because I can get them from the
for free.
So I make a reservation for it
on the BPL website
as well as Infinite Jest
which Mr. Harbach
seems very impressed with,
as well as Moby Dick.

I guess he likes long books.
I guess I do too.

They're good to read
on the subway.

Book Court is at  163 Court Street in Brooklyn.
They have lots of readings coming up this Fall.

Mr. Harbach's advice
to young authors?
"stay off the internet."

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