The Blog:
A New York Sketchbook is a love letter to New York, both city and state. In the way of blogs it may occasionally feature a list, a rant, or a joke. Mostly, though, New York Sketchbook Focuses on doodles from my adventures around New York. I love well dressed strangers, the antics of squirrels, and subway posture. I hate drawing landscapes, but I do anyway, because life isn't easy.

The Blogger:
I get a headset!
I'm Bef with an F; I'm a 20-something gal who grew up in the foothills of New York City, dreaming of the day I would live in a glamorous studio and Make Art (I listened to 'Rent' a lot in Middle School). I got all I wanted and more when I landed in Brooklyn in 2011, about a year after graduating from SUNY.

Immediately rejecting my college dreams, I stopped auditioning but kept on drawing, because auditioning is too damn hard. I fell, sideways, into working backstage doing the laundry. Currently I have a few part time jobs to support myself between wardrobe stints, and entertain unfounded, gin-soaked dreams of being an editor at the New Yorker.

I enjoy expensive cheese, Zumba, my hilarious boyfriend Mittens, and the Brooklyn Public Library.

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