Saturday, January 7, 2012


The thing that brought me to NYC
(kind of)
was the theater.
Acting, specifically.

All through High School and college
I was praised for my abilities
and I thought
"This is it!
It will be hard, but I will persevere.
I will live on couch change until
I am 40, if I have to."

Then I started actually auditioning.


If it's a contest of who cares the most,
I don't win.
I'm sure you'll gather from my
previous posts
that this does not mean
I've given up on the theater entirely.
I've found alternative angles to keep
a hand in,
an angle I quite like, actually.
And an angle people are willing to
pay me to take.

View from Ripley-Grier Studios towards the River

Auditioning was interesting, though.
I got to read some incredibly awful
audition notices,
and I once auditioned in a theater
above a small claims court.

I only did a year of auditions
before I decided I wanted to do something
I could be objectively bad at.

So now I do the laundry
(and work at the Javits center,
wait tables,
take paid surveys
and babysit)
and I still get to work with
some of the most joyous people
anybody could hope to have 
as coworkers. 

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