Friday, October 14, 2011

Lake Walks

Erie Beach

My sister goes to school
in Oswego.
If you walk too far out of your
dorm in a snowstorm,
you could fall into the lake.

But when it's sunny
these quasi Canadians sunbathe
or throw rocks at each other
and the spiders.

Oswego Lighthouse

They have a seawall
which you're not supposed to walk on
because if you don't time it right
the tide will come in
and you'll drown
(or be rescued and arrested by the coast guard).

So naturally
doing so is
 a rite of passage.

Erie Beach
I preferred to sit on the beach
and watch autumn roll in
across the lake 
down from the great

SUNY Oswego is
one of New York State's many state schools.

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