Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Neil Himself


My father & I trekked up to Bard College this evening
for a reading by Neil Gaiman, one of my more favorite authors.

His lovely bride Amanda Palmer is the artist-in-residence up there,
and he needed an audience for a story he just finished a draft of.
I believe he requested a small classroom space, and was provided with
the Sosnoff theater, which seats roughly 900.

NeilGaimanReading 2

The story was good.
He is an excellent reader of his own work-
clear, well-paced, animated.

There were swords,
and dwarves,
and a little bit of magic.

Neil seemed at once perplexed and delighted
to have such an audience.
And I think he got what he wanted, since he claimed to have
learned something from doing the reading.

NeilGaimanReading 4 NeilGaimanReading 5
We even got a special treat for being so good-
Amanda sang us her ukulele song.

Neil's look of love and adoration while she played was
perfect, and lovely, and not at all strange
as he claimed the evening had been.

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