Monday, October 28, 2013

A Round-Up of My Past Few Months


I have been very lucky these past few months. It's possible that I  make some luck myself, but some of it is just serendipity.

At one point this past June, when a show I was working on closed, I got this strange feeling of "I know I am going to be okay." And miraculously, it's been true- my schedule since then has looked something like this:

-Venice (Public)
-Restoring Hats for a Museum Show
-Shakespeare in the Park
-Disney on Broadway Costume Shop

I have been trying to nurture this feeling of success. The fewer catering gigs I take, the happier a person I am. The happier a person I am, the more productive I am.

Since the Disney gig has ended, I have had my first moment in months to take stock of where I am professionally. As I bounce around between freelance gigs, I am once again trying to weasel my way in to the Wardrobe Union. I also have more time to draw, both for love and money. I may even get time to go on a small vacation.

I also moved,  at some point in there. The lease was up on the old apartment, and after an uninteresting saga of bullshit I moved to a new apartment eight blocks from the old one. I don't have  roof access anymore, but I do have a backyard, and laundry in the unit. Amazing, I know.

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