Thursday, February 9, 2012

Times Trends


The New York Times is great for 
current events,
world news,
and well written Op-Eds.

It is embarrassingly bad
at commenting on current trends,
and does not know how to
keep up with the rest
of the fucking Internet.

Did you know rent is expensive in Park Slope?
Somebody else did a much better job at expressing rage
towards this article than I did;
"I would like to know who really dropped the idea that one "joins... millions other people" when one patronizes a laundromat.  That is such a New York Times-ism.  The whole concept that by doing something popular, one is entering the cultural zeitgeist and thus taking part in some immense human tidal wave.  The merest hint of a trend just thrills them.  It's like opiates to a heroin addict." 

Apparently dresses were unpopular five years ago.
By the way: at least one of the women
featured in the photo at the top of the article
is a Burlesque performer.

And did you know that

But the most recent offense
is one that, to me, epitomizes the NYT style section.

The Yellow Dress

Apparently, the kids these days are feeling gothic
This trend has invaded the cultural zeitgeist
so thoroughly that
"Mainstream merchants are offering their own doom-y interpretations, the most accessible among them [...] at Hot Topic, spiked chain necklaces and lace-up boots."

Stop the fucking presses.
Hot Topic sells spiked things
and people in a recession are dressing
a bit more darkly?

Sorry, but what exactly has been the dominant style of the last few years? Bad '80s leggings and shirts that let me see your vagoo? Jeans which look like you pulled them out of a woodchipper? Tattoos are not a new trend, and the NYTimes didn't discover Kate Lanphear.

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