Friday, March 16, 2012

Desktop Desktops

Everybody has a different favorite part of their home.
Schmemma's boyfriend Face lives for the kitchen-
luckily the one in their new apartment is bigger than his old one
which was far smaller than their bathroom.
My girlfriends in Astoria have a beautiful living room
which is open and right next to the kitchen,
giving their apartment
a real family feel.

The most important part of any space I occupy
is the desk.
Having a place to lay out the project I am working on
and knowing it will still be there in the morning
is a key aspect of how I organize my brain.

High School Desk
In high school, it was usually a dumping ground for
the 40 books I had out from the library
every art supply I owned
and whatever tchotchke I had picked up from Goodwill most recently.


Room Panorama
As I became more organized in college,
my desk came to be the place to work
...and cruise facebook.
I never really got into the habit of bringing my computer
into the bed (unless I was sick), and that's
probably one of the main reasons I have a desktop.


When I was in London I nearly lost my shit
because our only available workspace was the kitchen table
which was usually covered in either laptops
or that roommate's food
(seriously, wash your dishes).
I was only there for three months
and it encouraged me to work outside of the flat,
but I came pretty close to buying a card table for myself.


Desk Today Collage
Which brings us to today.
In the Carroll street apartment, I had a massive room.
A room which  begged to be filled with Ikea furniture
and my first big girl bed.

I found a 6" long board, painted it orange, 
and dropped it onto two sawhorses.
The resulting available workspace gave me enough space
to put down my bills but still remember they were there
and work on a creative project
but still have access to my keyboard.

Heaven, essentially.

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