Friday, April 27, 2012

Illustration Challenge, Day 6

I don't think I write with the intention to collect a gigantic audience
I like being able to communicate with friends flung far and wide.
Blogging is just like the rest of the internet- I want people to be jealous of my life.
I worked at the public theater! I live in the best city ever!

So when my life isn't going exactly the way I planned, I don't blog at all.
Which is silly.
So let me fill you in.

The lease ran out and the roommate ran out with her boyfriend (damn him).

Shift Drink
I went back to the parents house for a little while
and slung craft beers in a bar
that wasn't nearly as pretentious as it aspired to be.

I got pretty down, but my internet and sometimes real life best friend
reminded me to get my act together
and I took a wardrobe job out on Long Island.

I don't have a scanner
and I live pretty close to town
and a beach
and a state park
And I drive home every weekend
So the posting has been pretty sparse.

I'm still alive, though.
I've got plans of some things to tell you.

The evil garbage nightmare at rest
But I guess that's enough for now.

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  1. Someday maybe I can be your friend in real life more often. I would use a smiley face here if I approved of them.