Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nobody Owns This City; subtitle- Hipsters

Making fun of tourists is an old hobby. Making fun of newbies seems to be even more fun. And though I probably shouldn't take it seriously, there is some pretty vitrolic stuff written on various websites like reddit & Die Hipster.

I have engaged in my own fair share of making fun of hipsters (see my contempt for WilliamsBeard), even though I probably am one.

Comfort Clothes

But the thing that makes New York great is it's people. All kinds of people come here from all over the US & all over the world (and somehow, the ones from outside the US seem to attract less hatred from these hater types). The ones who work hard enough get to stay.

Most of our most famous people have been immigrants to this helluva town, such as the entire beat generation, the Beatles (who, as it happens, my great grandfather thought "ruined America"), and our most beloved sports stars. 

Which is not to denigrate the authentic NYers like Jay-Z or Lin-Manuel Miranda who contribute the flavors of somebody who has worked and struggled their entire lives to stay in the place they know and love. I celebrate and love the originals, I simply have no patience for those who think outsiders shouldn't be allowed in.

Shouldn't we be thrilled that ours is the kind of city that attracts artists from all over the world, the place of which Fred Ebb so famously wrote "if I can make it there I'll make it anywhere"?

Or do we want to be the kind of city that repels outsiders, like Detroit?

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