Friday, September 14, 2012

Just in case you thought I wasn't a hipster yet


You know all those trite pictures people in the outer boroughs
are always posting-
The ones that are a crappy view of Manhattan from their rooftop?


I just figured it out.

I can go up to my roof and enjoy some "fresh" air,
and nobody wants to bother me.
I can read my book in peace without being lectured
about Jesus, or giving to Charity, or when the world is going to end.

Sure I have to chat to my neighbors every once in a while,
but that's it.

I'm free to enjoy the Chrysler building as a 1/4" speck
in peace.
I'm free to have really lame thoughts about 
how groovy my new nabe is,
how awesome my life is,
how much I love my boyfriend,
or any other thoughts one has while gazing into the sunset
in peace.

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