Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Libraries, personal and public


My new roommates both work in Publishing.

As such, I am spoiled for choice in terms of reading-
if I didn't go to the library
for a year, I still wouldn't run out of things I wanted to read.

I mean, I'll still go to the library-
It's just on the other side of the block!
(The library is the first important thing I find in a new neighborhood,
after the Grocery store. The craft beer place is third)
But it's delightful to have a ton of goodies here.

New Kindle


Boyfriend purchased me a nook for my Birthday.

Mostly I wanted one to read Gutenberg books- 
Moby Dick, Ulysses, Greek Myths.
But then I found out I can take out ebooks from the library.
AND THEN I found out how much easier
my ereader is to carry around than 'East of Eden.'
AND then I found out I could
get my newspaper subscriptions on it,
instead of trying to wrestle a broadsheet out of my neighbor's face on the 4 train.

The controls make me feel like I'm using my Dad's palm pilot circa 1999,
And it's much easier to hand somebody a physical book
to get them to read it,
so I'm not a total devotee yet.

But it is goddamn convenient,


And way easier to carry up three flights of stairs
to my new (newest of four this year) apartment
than six boxes of books.

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