Thursday, July 12, 2012

Storm King Sculpture Park

Storm King

Storm King Sculpture Park:
500 acres of contemporary sculpture
in the mighty Hudson Valley.

I love Richard Serra, so I was looking forward to the trip.
I love modern/post modern art.

Being dragged though exhibitions of
Dutch Masters as a child & young art student
causes me to reject most forms of literalism in visual art
(come on people, we have damn cameras).

Storm King

Unfortunately the parking lots aren't very close to the Info Center,
so we staggered about in the heat, and I mostly thought
"oh look, more red I Beams."

I suppose for the most part when we encounter art in our daily lives,
especially site-specific or installation art,
we're supposed to contemplate and draw our own conclusions.

But when I go to a museum, I want to have it spelled out for me
a little bit.

There was one piece, Nostoc II
by Patricia Johanson
which boyfriend & I
couldn't fucking find
when we went into the woods looking for it.
After a certain point I began to think not finding anything
and looking closely at the woods
was the art.

Which can be fun,
but it really left a bitter taste in my mouth.
I felt as though I was being openly mocked by the museum.

Overall, I think  I will go back
perhaps in the fall when it is cooler
and the trees are turning
and I can wear a sweater
and bring an easel.


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